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Revenge cannot be explained through psychological analysis, revenge is a human instinct. It is traced back to the days of the cavemen, an eye for an eye, and a limb for a limb. Revenge is a reoccurring natural event that takes place when the Jurisdiction of a government cannot act quick enough to eliminate emotion from Justice, or the act is too small to be looked at by someone of “utmost importance. ” Justice is essentially revenge without the excess emotions involved.

Justice is such an impersonal process that most if not all emotions are removed, making it Justice and not revenge. “Revenge is a sort of savage Justice,” Webster dictionary defines the word “savage” as not domesticated or under human control. Since Justice is a human idea does that not mean that revenge is primal? Revenge can be a primal instinct, native to man and only to be controlled by an Invention of his. Revenge can often be seen In nature, In animals, In the state of nature.

Before man had government he was free. Free from guidelines, free from rules, but bound by fear of his life, in fear of revenge. When man gave up some freedoms In return of protection by a government, protection from revenge is included In this. In a way, government removes all emotion and primal instincts from decisions. It leaves the decision and Jurisdiction as a plain and simple answer. No Intricacies of entangled emotions are involved.

When one undergoes the mindset of revenge they become set in that mind until they are: 1 . Able to seek revenge feeling that they got their own form of Justice or 2. Able to move on from the pain they feel. Revenge at times can be what is called a “sweet desert” because when one delivers the revenge they feel a sense of empowerment come over them. They are titled to their Justice. Revenge Is a good thing and a bad thing, but with most times you can argue the point that It Is Oh so sweet.


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